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Statement on Theoretical Game Design:
Compare the cost of being good at combat (percentage of character points spent), and then compare that to the value
of being good at combat (percentage of 'success' chance affected). If the cost is less than the value, characters in this
system will be very combat oriented (Dungeons and Dragons). If the cost is more than the value, characters will lean
away from combat (I haven't ever seen one of these, maybe a game about being in the UN). The cost is about the same
as the value, characters will be balanced while still engaging in combat. For a large portion of RPGs this is a very ideal
set-up (WoD strives for this).

That being said: The largest point of balancing will likely come in the form of skills. Powers and attributes already nicely spread into different categories and are easy to balance. Skills can become difficult because a set of professional athletes (Swimmer, Soccer player, Rock Climber, Runner) should theoretically be differentiated as they can't just switch sports and still win, however, if we allow a very fine gradient of skills, combat skills still come down to essentially strike and dodge. With only strike and dodge, it's very easy to ween points away from the 37 athletic skills to max the two combat skills.

So, with that being said (Very linear today, aren't we): I'd like a help coming up with a list of skills, possible subdivisions, and likely attributes to be associated with these skills.
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