sailor_charon (sailor_charon) wrote in perfectrpg,

Who got the grades?

B in CS 201 Operating Systems Main Campus (I didn't go to this class because I can't understand the professor)
B- in CS 204 Database Systems Main Campus (I didn't go to this class either...)
A in CS 292 Senior Seminar (we talked about ethics and computers, 1 credit, easy A)
W in CS 395 Evolutionary Computation (withdrew because I was strangely failing despite understanding the material and we'd already covered most of the course material, the rest of the course was largely project time and paper reviews)
A- in ENGS 050 Expository Writing (I got to learn how to write. Easy A FTW)
A- in JAPN 001 Elementary Japanese I (Ah, Japanese, hard language, easy tests)

Semester GPA of 3.33, Cumulative GPA of 3.27
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